I Like Ike

22 Dec

First off — “I like Ike!”– greatest campaign slogan in history. (Great story: when Adlai Stevenson was running against Ike he ran a half hour long commercial. One viewer responded — “I like Ike. I love Lucy. Drop dead.”)

The early fifties were a great time to be in America. (If you weren’t a minority, gay, a woman or had made the mistake of getting too cozy with Russian when they were still our allies.) The fifties have gotten the reputation as being boring. But how much more fun is it to be living in the days of global terrorism and North Korean nukes?

Ike wasn’t my first President. That was Truman. But I was too young to realize when he was in charge. So, Ike was my guy.

He was pretty conservative and certainly no Kennedy. (In World War II while JFK was commanding a PT boat Eisenhower was giving the order to launch “an invasion with the greatest numbers of men, guns, airplanes and
warships in history”. To brush up his warrior credentials when he became Commander in Chief, Kennedy almost blew up the world.)

I think as the years go by Ike’s rep is going to tend to get better. Mount Rushmore won’t see his chrome dome any time soon but he did a decent job as far as a conservative goes. So, Team Steinkellner gives him a serious salute where ever he might be in eternity.


One Response to “I Like Ike”

  1. SiouxP December 26, 2011 at 4:09 PM #

    You’re so right—great campaign slogan. Iwas age 5 to 14 years old during his presidency. Edward R.Murrow had Ike & Mamie on person to person– all I remember were those horrible bangs of Mamie’s! Ike’s Farewell Address warning @ the Military/IndustrialComplex holds true. LOL Sioux 🙂

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