The Art of Being a Secret Santa

23 Dec

Angela drew Margaret and got her a lovely pen and pencil set which her boyfriend, Stevie, managed to sneak- engrave a monogrammed version of down at his plant.

Emily drew Dana and tossed and turned for days over what to buy her. A Jack LaLane Slim-Down kit made it seem like she thought Dana was fat. A little transistor radio seemed good but Emily was almost for certain positive that Dana had one because she knew she had seen her with one at the beach. Though, that could have been one that she borrowed from Margaret. So, Emily wildly overspent on a crock pot and finally got a good night’s sleep.

Francesca got Marissa a great “Parisian type” dress which was on sale for 75% off. Francesca knew that it was too small for Marissa but figured she could either return it or give it to one of the other girls. Francesca was busy and didn’t have time for all this nonsense.

Marissa got a great start on the holiday by getting the most adorable sweater set on Black Friday. She got both pieces for the price of the jumper alone. It was really unbelievably cute. She wrapped it beautifully and put it high on her closet shelf. There it pulsed in her mind like the tell-tale heart until she just ripped it open and put it on. She gave Katherine a pound of home-made fudge.

Laura gave Francesca a blouse with a big red “S” on it. She couldn’t figure out why Francesca was so cold when she opened it. It was perfect for the holidays for cry-i-i.

Katherine gave a subscription to Vogue. She thought this was perfect for Margaret since she certainly couldn’t afford to buy anything that was in there.

Danny got Angela a bottle of Southern Comfort. But he was entertaining Dana one night and carefully opened the bottle and snuck out a couple of snorts that he artfully replaced with tap water. And darn if he didn’t get away with it… for awhile.

Eventually, Angela ended up with a top of the line Sunbeam toaster.


One Response to “The Art of Being a Secret Santa”

  1. William Sweney December 24, 2011 at 2:16 PM #

    I love keeping track of my old Cub Scout Assistant Leader via your blogs. They are wonderful! Hope this gets to you. What is your regular e-mail address? I want to send you a “postcard” from 1929 (photo of my now 90-year-old landlord and a few of his friends just after being driven from Connecticut to Wyoming in his mother’s Model A Ford wagon, when he was 9 years old!), which I thought you might enjoy. I was thinking of you, and Cheri, and Kit, and Teddy, and Emma the other day when I discovered I could now watch all 247 episodes of Cheers on the Apple TV device (via Netflix) Wills bought me for my birthday. I presume Cheri stays in touch with Kim (or vice versa) and they may have even connected in the last week, as Kim’s been in town for the holidays. I had lunch with Wills and Sam yesterday, along with their grandmother, and will see Wills again next week when he comes to visit me in Jackson Hole. I miss you guys and hope you all have a wonderful holidays!! Best, Bill Sweney

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