Buzz: The Life’s Blood of Show Biz

29 Dec

FULL DISCLOSURE–This story is from around the last decade. I am very happy with our current agent.

There’s a buzz when you leave your BIG AGENT and can sign with somebody else. But before you hook up with a new BIG AGENT there’s a process that you must endure.

You have to have long serious meetings with your current BIG AGENT to see if you can patch things up. (Never mind that it would be totally different if the BIG AGENT was leaving you. In that case the process would most resemble someone sneaking up behind you, slitting your throat and slipping your corpse into the cold dark waters of the nearest river.)

At the same time you must have meetings with your most likely new BIG AGENT so they can flatter you beyond your wildest dreams and promise you the moon. (The moon, of course, being unavailable for delivery until you have officially signed with the new BIG AGENT.)

While this is going on, whether you like it or not, all the other BIG AGENTS see blood in the water and come swarming all shark like and all. You have no desire to deal with them but you still have to return phone calls, be appreciative, not burn any bridges before you come to them and blah, blah, blah.

And because you are so busy with this, you never get to enjoy all that wonderful buzz.

Of course, there’s still the buzz on your new movie script. A hot spec. script. Nothing buzzier than that. Booyah!

But then you remember you don’t have enough good friends that you trust enough to give you honest feed-back.

Hey, what’s that buzz? Oh, right Killer Bees.


One Response to “Buzz: The Life’s Blood of Show Biz”

  1. Sioux Steinkellner April 7, 2012 at 9:39 AM #

    Very funny! But, full disclosure: I never had an agent, nor television series, hit movies, or a play that only gets superlative reviews. I did have a real estate agent–once. So, even with my slim to non-existent knowledge of agents–I still find this post very funny. Sioux

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