Bill Steinkellner’s All-American Blog: A Late in Life Love Affair

30 Dec

Well, it’s official I love my little blog. At the beginning I did not. Trying to learn how to scan the image and post the story made me feel incompetent. (I know a child could do it but when you feel incompetent you feel like you have no idea what you are doing until bingo suddenly you do. Until that magic moment arrives you are like someone drowning with people yelling at you not to panic. Hyperbolic? Sure, to everyone except those who are trying to learn something new.)

But now I love my blog. I love checking the daily stats. I love getting comments. (All good so far.) I love being surprised by who is reading it and who really likes it. I love WordPress’s charts. You can see how the little columns rise and fall and you can compare them to earlier in the year or see if you’ve made progress since last year.

Some stories are more popular than others. I try to figure out why. Luckily, the stories that attract the most views are among my favorites. People sure do like pictures of babies. It helps that writing stories that go with baby pix is fairly easy for me. The cool thing about this blog is that I have been writing these stories for Cheri for over 30 years. And I plan on writing them for another 30.

In posting the images I like to vary the color with the black and white. If I could figure out which stories were going to be the most popular I might pander to that crowd more. Like every producer great and small I try to guess what the market might be hankering for. But like all producers I am left with this insight– who the hell knows?

Best of all is that I get to revisit thousands of stories. And you know a lot of them don’t seem half bad. Thank goodness I (Full disclosure– Cheri) had the idea of posting them on line. Thanks for viewing.


2 Responses to “Bill Steinkellner’s All-American Blog: A Late in Life Love Affair”

  1. SiouxP December 31, 2011 at 9:00 AM #

    This is my favorite photo of you. . The letter “B” is for Bill. Brains, Blogger, Extraordinaire, Beautiful Baby Boy, Basketball Player, Bookaholic, Brother and much more. Remember wheln you flew John and I to California–John saw that the photo was hung in your office, he was so proud until you explained that john’s favorite photo of himself was actually a photo of you! Congrats on a great blog and a wife who hasn’t steered you wrong in 30 years! LOL Sioux. 🙂

  2. Emma October 4, 2015 at 4:21 PM #

    And I say to myself…what a wonderful bloooogggggg

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