A 103 Year Old (Yet Always Current) Bedtime Story.

6 Jan

“The little bunny was very, very tired but not quite asleep. She knew how wonderful it would be once she drifted off to Dreamland where she could climb ice cream mountains and swim in soda pop rivers.”

“But even though she was very, very, very tired and her eyelids felt as heavy as anvils she was too stubborn to fall asleep.”

“The little girl– uh, I mean bunny was afraid that if she slept she would miss something. But she didn’t realize that this was impossible because everyone else in The Wonderful Forest was already in bed a long time ago. They were already having wonderful adventures in their dreams. And they would wake up tomorrow feeling very refreshed and happy.”

“Then the not sleeping bunny got a great idea… If she knew that at least one other little girl was sleeping she would go to sleep, too…”

“I’m thirsty…”

“(SIGH) But the little bunny couldn’t find anyone like that so the not sleeping little bunny started counting sheep– one, two, three, four, five…”


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