Sagittarius: Your Horoscope for 2012 (AKA The Year the World Ended).

12 Jan

You are a pepper pot. (Unless you are a woman in which case you are a hell cat.) Your ideas are top notch if sometimes anywhere from five minutes to five years ahead of their time.

You have the patience of a house fly. When you want something done your way you have the force of a runaway truck so those around you should either get out of your way or make sure their will is in order.

You are a fun loving gamester. But if the game starts to bore you, you soon wish that it be deposited in the nearest trash can.

If you are a woman you will make an excellent mother. If you are man you will also make an excellent mother. So, pray to God that you are born a woman.

You are veritable cornucopia of talent. (And you are fully aware of what that word means.) There is no field that you can’t dominate. But you can’t cook. So, forget it.

And oh yeah, don’t try to kiss your husband if he is not in the mood. Remember we warned you.

One Response to “Sagittarius: Your Horoscope for 2012 (AKA The Year the World Ended).”

  1. SiouxP January 13, 2012 at 3:02 PM #

    Boy—Your description of Sagitarians fits Cheri to a “T”. Great talent & an INCREDiBLE-SUPERCALAFRAGILISTICEXPIALADOCIOUS-BEST-IN-THE-WORLD MOTHER!

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