What It’s Like to Work with Your Wife: An Off-stage Tale of Life On Stage.

16 Jan


“Yes, Edward, dear?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

“Now, now Edward it couldn’t be nothing because you have a look of consternation on your face. And it is the
variation of that look that can only be connected to me. So, please proceed with your inquiry.”

“Very well. Do you feel that tonight was among your best deaths of Joe? And by that I mean just during our current run. Not all the hundreds of times we’ve performed it together.”

“Edward that is a very direct question. And your inflection seems to have an undercurrent of impertinence. As if there was a subtext of pure malevolence towards your wife and her –that is my — interpretation of tonight’s performance.

“Oh, My Angel, no. I assure you, Peachpearplum, that my inquiry is only for my edification and personal growth in the future. It just seemed a tiny bit… false. So, I was wondering if you were experimenting with taking the crucial moment into the fantastic more than usual?”

“Well, Mr. Lucas, as an artiste under the Spell of the Dramatic one can never say what one is doing at any given moment, exactly. An artiste is subject to Art plain and simple. If the Player is fully in thrall of their own senses than that is Pretending not Acting. And what would be the use of that? Why not just obtain an automaton from Madame Tussaud’s Waxworks turn the key and be done with the matter.”

“Quite right, Mrs. Lucas. Well analyzed. I bow to your immense thought process. And may I say not only was your soul on fire tonight but that you never looked more ravishing.”

“Oh, thank you, Eddie you are always so observant.”

At the next matinee Mrs. Edward H. Lucas could barely squeeze into her dressing room past the enormous arrangement of hundreds of roses.


One Response to “What It’s Like to Work with Your Wife: An Off-stage Tale of Life On Stage.”

  1. SiouxP January 16, 2012 at 6:54 PM #

    Great Post—loved the dialogue–could smell the roses. LOL, Sioux 🙂

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