Browsing at the Orient Bazar

19 Jan

“Yes, yes. Halloo. Welcome to my Bazar. You are enjoying, Smyrna? It is better when it is not so hot. Which is never– Ha ha. U.S.A., yes? Earlier today I met a man from Eagle Rock. He assures me that it is a very normal place in California not too far from the Universal City.”

“You have heard of it? He said it would be better if it were more near a beach. … Oh, yes I have heard of beaches. How? By watching the Bay Watch. Pretty girls and mighty boys. Some day I will visit the Bay Watch. Would it be wise to open a Bazar there?”

“Should I go to this Eagle Rock instead? Barack Obama went to school there. So, maybe sometime I will go to see where he chased the pretty girls.”

“You have many grey hairs on your head but not the curved back. Is it the gingko that they put in the water in
water of USA! USA! USA!? God is a mystery, yes?”

“Look everywhere I have many things. I have the sprinkler head that never breaks. The sodas with the bottles that disappear when you are done. I have the wristwatch with the thirty hours day and the pillow of back trouble vanishing after one night. I have the cookbook where the ten year old makes food by himself. I have the carpet where doggy and kitty mistakes and bad smells disappear like a bad dream.”

“Our special today is attar of roses which my wife went a little crazy gathering during the new year’s celebration. All marked to go. Take your time and browse. I will go in back and make a record of the Bay Watch. Please refrain from the shop lift or the law makes me chop off your hands. Good day.”

One Response to “Browsing at the Orient Bazar”

  1. SiouxP January 19, 2012 at 7:59 PM #

    Very funny! Yes. I read to John, my husband, of course, I don’t read to just any man you know–It would not be proper. We laughed our heads off. By the way– how much for the pillow of back trouble vanishing? LOL. Sioux. 🙂

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