How to Get a Job If You Can’t Be There in Person: The Perseverance of Skeleton Dude.

20 Jan

Dear Circus Booker or Entertainment Mogul:

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words but I’m sure after you see the photo on reverse side of this missive you will be thinking more in terms of millions. Yes, millions of show-goers will flock to see your newest and most fabulous attraction. Millions of dollars will line your wallet as a result of this tremendous addition.

If this photo has not sufficiently “introed” myself may I proceed further? If it has don’t hesitate to immediately cable me with your terms and I will board the next locomotive to Sarasota or wherever your far flung troupe is playing at the moment. (If it weren’t for my retinue — which I strive to keep in as thin a Gladstone as possible I would be able to climb aboard the train even with the doors closed. Yes, I am indeed that thin.)

How is it that I am free at the moment you might ask as a cold fisted businessman? (And I call you that in admiration. I am not one of those entertainers who considers this “not a business but an ahht”. Like you, I view life through “world colored glasses”.) The reason “Skeleton Dude”– as bankable a creative force as has ever existed — is eager for any engagement east of the Mississippi, after November 15th, 1910 is quite simple.

An affair of the heart with a lady festooned con picturas that blanketed her entire visage. I am too much of a gentleman to disclose more. Suffice it to say that Enrico Balducci’s Circus Mysterioso had become too emotionally claustrophobic for yours truly.

Their loss is your gain. And now the ball is in your court, Circus Booker, etc.


A. Atherton


One Response to “How to Get a Job If You Can’t Be There in Person: The Perseverance of Skeleton Dude.”

  1. SiouxP January 20, 2012 at 8:39 PM #

    Dear Artie Atherton or may I call you “Skeleton Dude” ? I am much impressed by your
    Rare and wonderful talents. Unfortunately I’m not in a position to offer you a place in the circus as I am only the Booker’s assistant. I will put in a good word for you with my boss and put your inquiry in the “Actively Pursuing File”. LOL, Sioux

    Great name—Enrico Balducci’s. Circus Mysterioso

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