Nuts and Bolts When Giants Roamed the Earth: A Chastisement of Modern Engineering.

23 Jan

“Engineers ain’t engineers so much any more. Nowadays, they’re more like college perfessers. Might as well wear a cap ‘n gown to the job for old Nelly’s sake. They all got pretty hands and gussied up suits, pfaaa!”

“They can watch a movie on their phone while they wait for their lunch partner to show up so they can have a gab fest about all the ramifications of doing one piddly little thing or other. And their phones are smarter than they are! Squirrel guts!.”

“As soon as you get close to figurin’ out how to do somethin’ they decide to put off that decision until the next time they have lunch. In the meanstwhile you have to get a whole wagonful of lawyers to help you with the protocol of why you got to stop what you’re doin’ already.”

“I say piss on that noise. In my day you just used the smarts that the Almighty gave you. Didn’t need no help from Verizon — whatever the heck that is. All we had was the ol’ slide rule of common sense to help us. Nobody ever lost their ‘puter either because we just carried it safe and sound between our ears. The only thing in your lap was your lunch.”

“Most problems can be solved with a good yank with your wrench. Or you could give it a sold Whack in the right place. That works with smart mouthed, wet behind the ears, bean counters, too.”

“Sure sometimes you’d get a spritz of hot oil right in your puss but hell, your eyes gotta go sometime.”

“So, take a look at an engineer who was here when giants walked the earth. And you don’t see the Brooklyn Bridge falling down any time soon, do ya?”


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