One of Many Schemes to Get into a Steinkellner Workshop.

24 Jan

“Please, sir we would like to be Imps.”

“Yes, Mr. Steinkellner, and by that we don’t mean little freckle faced sprites who cause trouble far beyond their years.”

“We’re sure that you know we mean like Imps in the award winning Dos Pueblos Improvisational Troupe.”

“Or in your Los Angeles workshop or the other one in the Awesometown garage-theater.”

“You can count on us, truly. We will be as positive as one of the spots on a car battery.”

“And if we say any form of the word “no” in a scene it will mean that we have lost our minds and may be cashiered right there on the spot.”

“Yes, we will turn and go. We won’t grumble off, muttering dark things about the never ending nepotism in the workshops.”

“If you somehow see it in your heart to make us Imps we will play every game with the very joy of life.”

“We will be a good audience when we aren’t on-stage ourselves.”

“Oooh, I got the shivers just imagining us on-stage in one of the workshops.”

“Shhh, don’t be a twit!”

“Sorry. We promise to create interesting funny scenes in which the comedy comes out of the characters and not because we are forcing in some dumb jokes.”

“But we will realize how hard it is to come up with good jokes based on the absurdity of the human condition so we will refrain from making disparaging remarks about jokes in general.”

“Oh to do a “Hello I’m” with you side-coaching “Explore and Heighten” would be the most sublime thrill of all!”

“Please, sir let us be Imps?”


One Response to “One of Many Schemes to Get into a Steinkellner Workshop.”

  1. Jonathan Stark January 24, 2012 at 12:57 PM #

    I guess this would make me an ‘Imp’

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