When Are You Houdini? (Oh Come on Don’t Be Shy.)

30 Jan

When I suddenly come up with who the surprise murderer is right before it’s time to wrap up the Instaplay (for the first time in 22 years) I am Houdini.

When everyone else in the family counts on me to find something that is lost and I come through. I am Houdini.

When all seems lost and depressing in the Writer’s Room and I think of something that turns the whole story around and makes us golden. I am Houdini.

When I throw in a totally off-balance wild shot that I have no right taking in the first place and breaking all the laws of physics it banks in (no swish by any measure but it still counts) and we win. I am Houdini.

When I take a bunch of rag tag high school misfits and by hectoring, encouraging (and sometimes just pushing them off a dramatic cliff into the scary unknown) I transform them into an award winning improv troupe. I am Houdini.

When smack dab in the middle of nothingness I come up with a clever bon mot (yes, yes “clever bon mot is redundant).
I am Houdini.

When right at the beginning of an improvised scenario I can smell where the story is going merely by feeling rather than thinking and I turn the whole thing on a dime just because I can. I am Houdini.

And most mysterious of all, when I am looking at one incredible picture after another of my wife and kids as they come up on my computer screen all mixed up images of haircuts, costumes, graduation days and birthday cakes. Abracadabra– I am Houdini.


One Response to “When Are You Houdini? (Oh Come on Don’t Be Shy.)”

  1. SiouxP January 31, 2012 at 10:29 AM #

    How many times – too many to count – You have been and are Houdini to us. LOL. Sioux

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