Career Possibilities for the Class of 2016

9 Feb

“I dunno. I think I might be a lawyer. It’d be cool to get paid for just talkin’. I get in trouble for doing that all the time in school.”

“I could be a ball player. I’m not great at it but I ain’t terrible. Plus when I get my growth spurt in the next few years I could be pretty much as big as my Uncle Jake. Geez, he’s a monster! And tougher than beef jerky. … Though, I ain’t that tough.”

“Being a teacher would be okay. I had a good one, Mrs. Ampersand, back in second grade. She was really nice. She spent a whole bunch of lunch hours with me catching me up on learning how to tell time. It was something they taught when I was out with the chicken pox in kiddy-garden. She smelled like a great bar of soap.”

“I could make comic books because I like comics and drawing stuff. But my friends always laugh when I show them what I’ve done so I don’t do it often enough to get good.”

“Too bad you can’t grow up to be a super hero. That would be awesome. You’d think I’d have a shot. My mom always says it’s like I’m from another planet.”

“If I had camera like yours I could be a wedding photographer guy.”

“Wait, wait I got it. This is perfect. I’ll win American Idol. All I got to do is learn how to sing loud and make a face like I’m in pain.”


One Response to “Career Possibilities for the Class of 2016”

  1. SiouxP February 25, 2012 at 3:43 PM #

    Really enjoyed this. Reminds one of the trials and tribulations of figurine out “what am I
    Gonna do when I grow up.”. Loved the part @Mrs. &. Love, Sioux šŸ™‚

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