The Boy Who Loved Theodore Roosevelt.

10 Feb

He loved Theodore Roosevelt. But it wasn’t because they had the same first name. He loved the other Presidents as well. Some more than others. But he appreciated them all. Just for being the President of the United States.

He knew which ones had been vice-president before becoming President. And which ones had been assassinated.

And, of course, the names of all the candidates when Theodore Roosevelt tried to run for a third term as the leader of the Bull Moose Party.

He could name all the Presidents in a row in less than sixty seconds. Though, it made him a bit out of breath and slightly more red in the face than after an hour in the sun.

You could give him a number and he could tell you the President. And vice versa. Although, he always looked at you completely exasperated no matter which number you asked as if to say “duh?”.

And all this was just a parlor trick.

It wasn’t what was special about him. Not at all.

One Response to “The Boy Who Loved Theodore Roosevelt.”

  1. SiouxP February 10, 2012 at 5:53 PM #

    I remember a President’s day when Teddy called me and named all the Presidents & their VPs in consecutive order—I was amazed. I think Teddy was 7 years old. Also, standing w/ Teddy at the Lincoln Exhibit in the Chicago Historical Society while he rattled off story after story @ Lincoln & Lincoln’ family. By the end I realized he had attracted
    an audience of museum-goers all listening in rapt attention. One of my favorite memories. Love, Sioux 🙂

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