What’s Buzzing in a Theatrical Producer’s Brain?

13 Feb

Harry Walden had a pickle of a problem jammed inside a predicament. He was readying a production of Air Heidelberg that had a massive amount of buzz around it. So much buzz that you would think he was putting the finishing touches on an All Killer Bee Brazilian Review. (Note to self– Was Germany ready for a musical involving homicidal insects?) The problem was that there was no theater to put Air Heidelberg into as of this morning.

At first he thought his problem was going to be able to find a theater big enough to stage the crucial Heidelberg dueling scene. But no, the real dilemma was finding any vacant theater at all.

Schatzi’s Million Mark Gamble was coming into Der Doenitz. Cabin Fever Serenade was going gangbusters at Der Rontgenstrahlen. There was word that Sweet Brunhilde couldn’t book a lead so Sturm Und Drang might come available. But so far bupkes.

Der Klopmeister was dark as it had been since a week after the last Armistice. But The Klop had a mere 98 seats. And that was with three balconies and two half-price seats. (Because those theater goers had to help out with the follow spot.)

Harry put aside the problem for a moment and counted the hefty receipts from Hello! Mein Liebchen.


One Response to “What’s Buzzing in a Theatrical Producer’s Brain?”

  1. SiouxP February 24, 2012 at 9:06 PM #

    Sehr, sehr gut Herr Steinkellner. Wonderful postcard. Love, Sioux 🙂

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