A Small Shelf of Books for a Deserted Island

15 Feb

The Bible is the King of Books. If there is one book you should have with you when you wash up on a deserted island this is It. (No problem if you wash up in a hotel room, the Bible will already be waiting for you.)

It is a good book. (No pun intended.) It is very quotable and has lots of fun, educational, human insight stories in it. Plus some really scary apocalyptic stuff you won’t find outside of a John Waters movie.

But I have compiled a list of books that could give the Ol’ Old and New Testament a run for its money in the long lasting pleasure department. In no particular order —

The Velveteen Rabbit.

The Little Prince.

Good Night, Moon.

Nine Stories by J.D. Sallinger.

Improvisation for the Theater by the sainted Viola Spolin.

180 More. (Billy Collins and other poets.)

Leonard Maltin’s 2012 Movie Guide (Nearly 12,000 entries).

A Yiddish Dictionary.

Postcards From the Moon. (Shameless, I know but the greetingsfrombill.wordpress.com people insisted.)


One Response to “A Small Shelf of Books for a Deserted Island”

  1. SiouxP February 24, 2012 at 8:58 PM #

    Interesting List. Familiar w/all but two items–Billy Collins & Improvisation for the theater.
    Have since found some poems by Billy Collins & am grateful for the post. Really glad to see Salinger on the list–I remember talking @ his work a lot when you stayed w/ us.
    Didn’t you write a paper @ “For Esme———–with love & squalor” ? “Greetings from Bill…”. should be on everyone’s list. Love, Sioux 🙂

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