Lent– Or Whatever Happened to Those Old School Sacrifices?

22 Feb

What ever happened to sacrificing stuff to God? I guess it’s possible they still do in other cultures but it seems more symbolic and less bloody now.

When I was a kid and Lent rolled around we had to “give something up”. Usually, candy, gum or play time. This was to show how much you loved God and wanted to thank Jesus for dying for our sins. (My sins at the time usually involved candy, gum or play time so pretty much “two birds with one stone” time.) This seemed only fair since Jesus sacrificed His life for ours.

Now, don’t start thinking about how Jesus died and came back to life. Did the “God” part never die? It’s very confusing and as I recall they always end up trumping all your queries with “it’s mystery and you just have to accept it”. Game. Set. Match.

All in all it’s tough to sacrifice something when you are a kid. You just give up some weenie thing and feel half assed about it. Except the really good kids who give up the something that is really valuable to them for forty days. And nobody likes them.

In the age of Tivo, Skype, Netflix and Fed-exed pizzas from the east coast is anyone sacrificing any more?
I know somebody who gave up Facebook so she won’t read this for another month. Have we lost something by not sacrificing any more? And is God watching… and taking names?


One Response to “Lent– Or Whatever Happened to Those Old School Sacrifices?”

  1. SiouxP February 24, 2012 at 8:25 PM #

    Funny, funny post. I was going to give up listening to the Republican Debates for Lent.
    Then I remembered it was supposed to involve sacrificing something that brings you joy.
    Subsequently I remembered that I am a lapsed Catholic–problem solved. Love, Sioux 🙂
    P.S. No OREO Cookies ’til Easter!

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