A Hundred Years Ago And A Hundred Years From Now A Beach Is Just a Beach.

23 Feb

Papa got sand in his shoes but wouldn’t take them off choosing to grumble all the way home in heavy traffic and all the way through supper.

Mama worried all day about the enormous amounts of sand that everyone was ingesting along with their lunch. She didn’t find Poppa’s “sand-witches” joke the least bit amusing.

Clarissa hung around the life guard’s station all day until he dropped his pith helmet on her and didn’t even bother to apologize.

Jonquil somehow got tar on her favorite bow. It seemed that she would never stop crying. But she did instantly once ice cream was purchased.

Buster ordered strawberry for the first time ever. (They were out of butter pecan.) He found out that he was allergic to strawberries when he swelled up with so many hives that he looked like a pomegranate.

Li’l Elsie dozed all day from her car sickness medicine. She will stay home with Mrs. Janas the next time.


One Response to “A Hundred Years Ago And A Hundred Years From Now A Beach Is Just a Beach.”

  1. SiouxP February 23, 2012 at 9:37 PM #

    Fun post–brings back memories of North Avenue Beach–sand in your bathing suit and hot dogs. Remember the huge building– that looked like an ocean-liner–where refreshments were sold? Daley completely refurbished it @ 12 years ago. Love Sioux 🙂
    Sand-witches– Grear!

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