Landing on the Moon: A Don’t Blink Story

1 Mar

Where the heck was I? Oh, yeah I’m on my block in front of my house on Hudson. The house is across from St. Michael’s church. I’m just a goofy seven year old in Chicago so, of course, I am looking backwards through my legs towards the other end of the block. All the houses, telephone poles and clouds are upside down.

When I stand right side up again, all the blood rushes to my head. Wham! I am sixty three. Hunh? I tell you it came as a shock.

You could try to convince me it happened. There are plenty of videos, stills, reviews, posters and memories. But heck nowadays how easy would that be to fake? (How many millions of people still think the moon landing was all made up?) Or you could hold up a mirror.

Where has all that time left me. Sitting pretty nicely in the fairy land of Montecito. In this economy who could complain?

Didn’t think I’d miss working in television. But I kind of do. In the golden haze of memory it looks about 137% better than it probably was. I sure had no idea that that is where I’d end up when I was a kid.

Now, once again like so many Americans I have to figure out how to reinvent myself. Not my strength but oh well. I’ll just look through my legs to see what there is to see. Now that I’m here it’s still hard to believe. Like landing on the moon.


2 Responses to “Landing on the Moon: A Don’t Blink Story”

  1. Dan Frischman March 1, 2012 at 6:34 PM #

    Good problem to have, Mr. S. Here’s an exchange a friend and his wife had at a party. She: “I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. I have to reinvent myself.” He: “Sweetheart, before you can REinvent yourself, you have to first invent yourself.” They’re still together, last I heard.

  2. SiouxP March 1, 2012 at 9:51 PM #

    Really funny post. You have the ability to beautifully evoke what it’s like to be a kid. Then I read one of your posts and I think–yeah—I remember that feeling of blood rushing to your head after looking through your legs backwards (a feat I couldn’t manage today at 64). If you miss TV—think how much TV misses Team Steinkellner.I think the Great American Novel is next for you. Love, Sioux. 🙂

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