The People Who Feed Us, Clothe Us and Created Western Civilization AKA Wicked Wives.

5 Mar

They are always right. Arguing with them pointless. This never stops them from wanting to engage in verbal fisticuffs at the drop of a hat. The optimum time for these “differences of opinion” is at the end of a long hard day just as your head is about to hit the pillow.

They remind you of a visit to the relatives five seconds before you are about to settle in your easy chair to watch the big game. They apologize for not telling you sooner (sort of) as they hustle you out the door. You listen to the big game on a static filled radio broadcast as traffic inches forward on the thirty mile parking lot that extends from L.A. to Newport Beach. (Or you know whatever matches every other poor shmuck husband’s stomping grounds.)

They can make you change all your carefully thought out and precisely coordinated clothes by glancing up from a magazine with a barely audible “hunh?”.

The saving grace is that none of these things is annoying in the least. Plus they’re responsible for all the significant aspects of modern life except football, poker and Hooters.


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