Pressing Concerns of 2012 First Graders

8 Mar

Will there be any money left in the social security “lock box” when we become old guys with beards and old ladies in black babushkas? Or will it be like how our piggy banks are mysteriously empty the day after Uncle Buddy pays us a visit?

Will there be any gasoline left to run our cars? Because a car is really fun when you go fast with the windows down. But it’s no fun when it sits like a lump in the hot sun and it makes you get sick before you can get the backseat door open and then you get yelled at?

When we get older is the world going to still be green? Or should we throw away all the shades of green crayons and just keep brown and black?

If people dress like little kids even when they get older what’s the point of growing up?

We haven’t heard a lot about Syria but what we have heard sounds really bad. Shouldn’t there be a grown up in charge who has the job of making sure really bad things don’t happen?

How come people are always making fun of jobs where you flip burgers? It sure looks cool to us.


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