The World Circa 1605 and Now: A Short but Vital Comparison

9 Mar

No one to make you stay late to “crunch the numbers”. (They’d love to stay and help but “The Boss” is
in town and they have 12th row seats.)– Good thing.

You are probably born a serf or similar powerless shmuck. You are destined to lead a brutally harsh life leading to a barely noticed early death. Mmm, not so good.

Entertainment world (A jester or two aside) much less developed and creatively drained. — Good thing.

Roscoe’s Chicken ‘n’ Waffles still 370 years away from providing a nice 2:00 a.m. snack. Bad thing.

It’s possible to buy the entire area of Santa Barbara from the Modoc or Chumash tribe for a handful of cheesy
furs and a gallon of home-made hooch. –Good thing.

Go to theater, have a few laughs and come home with the Plague. –Very bad.

Go to Globe and see Shakespeare acting in one of his own plays. — Score!

Cqn only sit with the other groundlings … and that Black Plague thing. Super bad (And not in the good way.)


Now, don’t get me started on 1205.


One Response to “The World Circa 1605 and Now: A Short but Vital Comparison”

  1. SiouxP March 10, 2012 at 6:31 PM #

    Pretty damned impressive work–leaps of imagination & all that for a serf! You’re not related to that bloke Bennett Serf are you?— Oops! I just surfed the web (light years ahead of you17th century serfs). Apparently it’s Bennett Cerf. Well “surf’s up”, gotta go.
    Thanks for another great post. LOL. Sioux

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