The Secret of Secrets

16 Mar

There is a secret to everything. To open a door you push. Unless it opens out. Then you push.

The secret to plants is sun and rain. The secret to music is matching melody to mood. The secret to success is luck.

The secret to family is praying together. (Even if that prayer takes the form of long, car ride, song marathons or laughing around the kitchen table while you play board games.)

The secret to people is simple. It’s not money or fame. It’s not even love. You might think it’s different for every person but it is not. Amazingly it’s a one-size fits all concept. The secret of people is loneliness.

It makes them do crazy things. Lie. Cheat. Steal. Kill. All the endeavors of mankind are just different ways of trying to cure loneliness.

The bad folks among us try to exploit loneliness through drugs, greed and violence.

The good ones try to ease the pain like a mother softly humming to a toddler after he bumps his head. This is why men who are dying in battle call out for their mothers and not their drug dealers.

Go help somebody not feel lonely today. You’ll both feel better.


One Response to “The Secret of Secrets”

  1. steve cates March 18, 2012 at 11:15 AM #

    Loneliness is so prevalent today – I know of this personally. Sometimes you just crave a friendly conversation or a soft pat on the back.

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