Doubt, Confusion or Pretty Darn Sure: Which Way Doth Your Soul Go?

19 Mar

Are you rock solid in your belief in your immortal soul or (judgy-judgy as it might sound) do you have a doubting soul? At worst shouldn’t we call the condition unusure or confused soul?

Most doubters are just poor souls who don’t want to wander up the wrong path. Lots of folks selling spiritual snake oil out there. They’d like you to put your brain on hold. Take it all on face value. They sure don’t want you to start picking away at their beliefs.

Of course, there is always that little bump in the road on the Path to Enlightenment called “take it on faith”.
With your newer religions, the kind that set up shop at a defunct gas station or a little store front off the 405, it’s easy not to believe. These guys don’t have the millennia of tradition going for them. No white smoke announcing the new Pope (when I was a kid I thought it was a miracle, but it’s just a great theater effect.) or “why on this night do we recline when we eat” as pillars of belief.

But even the mightiest of religions have that “take it on faith” or “it’s God’s word” logic problem. (Not to mention the “believe it or we’ll chop off your head” folks.) This wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t treat your skepticism as if you were a toddler or mentally deficient.

I’d like it better if we still had gods in the garden or attic. Or a whole bunch of them gathered together in Valhalla. The whole one true faith seems pretty corporate once you scratch the surface.

I love God as much as the next guy but as far as knowing the directions to His house you can count me among the doubting souls.


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