Sky Pokes: A Gathering of Aviatrixes

21 Mar

Emily was bequeathed a plane when her husband, Eddie wrapped his flivver around a tree. She felt safer in the sky.

Francesca loved her plane more than any girl ever loved a horse.

Dana had been born in the sky and had given birth there.

Margaret never prayed before she took off because flying was a prayer.

Beverlee screamed like a maniac each time her ship cork screwed through a bank of clouds.

Amanda liked to push her plane to fly as fast and as far as possible. A great day was when she landed with three drops left in the tank.

Angela trailed pilot’s hearts behind her like knots in the tail of a kite.

Marissa had a smile as broad as the blue horizon but had a tendency to fall for spoiled rich boys who just didn’t get why anyone would want to hurtle themselves into oblivion.

Lauren had a secret wish to kill some hot shot in a dog fight.

Amelia sat confidently above them all with her fame shimmering like a silver wing in a cloudless sky.


2 Responses to “Sky Pokes: A Gathering of Aviatrixes”

  1. SiouxP March 27, 2012 at 10:19 AM #

    Poetry! Liked this very much. I agree, who wouldn’t prefer aviatrix to pilot? Zen luring men of course. Angela trailed pilots’ hearts behind her like knots in the tail of a kite– great image.
    LOL, Sioux

  2. SiouxP March 27, 2012 at 10:22 AM #

    I type letters & different ones appear! …Zen luring men should read excluding men.
    sorry for the typos. Sioux

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