Vital Lessons in Show Biz: How to Rewrite An Ice Show.

22 Mar

“Well, the headline is that the first twenty minutes of the show aren’t paying their fair rate. In short: fail. The Producers want more emotional content.”

“A show that is done on ice with more emotion. Ummmm, ‘kay. Got it Anything else as long as we are seeking the impossible on toast? … Or in this case a large slab of frozen water.”

“The Powers That Be aren’t sure. But if we want to show it to to them again we have to get our own rink and pay the skaters. They absolutely refuse to come up with one more buck. But that aside we should look at what we’ve got which is very good and then change the not so good part.”

“But the money people who we are pitching the revised show to are philosophically opposed to ice shows, right?”

“No, no, no… but so far – yes. But we still have people who haven’t seen it yet and if we get them to come and the people who hated the first twenty minutes come around then we might be in business.”

“Okay, let’s review. It would be better if we had Sonja Henie instead of Karen Lynn. And anyone would be better than Johnny Flanagan, but that’s what we got. If we changed either star it would be blood in the water. In this case frozen water. And that would be all she wrote.”

“Yes, yes, yes. It’s like we’re soul mates. Well, just run it through your word processor and blah, blah, blah. I have a 1:30 at the Ivy. I just have two other tiny notes– Do we have to use the Johnny Silvers Orchestra and does it have to be on ice?”

“Well, let’s put a pin in that and discuss those two areas next time, shall we?”

“You are one hell of a writer. Ciao!”


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