That Unnamed Guy in the Picture: A Story in the Verbatim Style

27 Mar

“That’s your mother on the end. The other woman is Sukie Zimmerman. But as for the fella I can’t place him at all.”

“The sun is at our backs so I can’t tell hide nor hair about his face.”

I’d ask Sukie but the good Lord took her five years ago. Not that she’d be much help. Her memory weren’t so hot when she was alive. And one can only imagine what death does to our ability to recall.”

“Though, who’s to say? Maybe in heaven you can even conjure up when your first tooth came in for crying out loud!”

“I think his name began with a ‘P’ or a ‘B’. I’m sure it didn’t begin with an ‘X’. That’s something I’d remember. Of course, if I lived in some Moslem country where all the names start with ‘X’ that might not be so true.”

“Aaaah, one of these days it will come back to me but by then I won’t care.”


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