The Glamour of a # 1 Hit Show: An Insider’s POV.

30 Mar

Shuffling through lunch take-out menus from a dozen mediocre restaurants (who guarantee you that your food will be room temperature) and wearily deciding on the forgettable carbs from the studio commissary.

Smiling frozenly while a guest actor waxes expertly on her favorite subject — herself.

Handing over the keys to your new beemer and wondering where it might end up after all valet parkers have split early to watch the World Cup.

Reluctantly agreeing with the Network Exec that bad is good, black is white and dull is funny.

Trying to figure out how such funny, interesting people could throw such mind-numbing parties.

Ducking agents.

Ducking spec scripts from friends of friends of friends.

Ducking phone calls from anybody who isn’t already in the Writer’s room.

Trying to think of a joke to end the scene when the room is like a morgue.

Looking forward to hiatus the way you looked forward to Christmas vacation as a kid.

Looking forward to gossip almost as much.

Taking a moment to think about the only other ways you could make a living –teaching high school kids who’d rather be anywhere else than listening to you drone on and on or trying to sell some kind of crap that nobody needs to somebody who has taken an instant dislike to you.

I love show business!


2 Responses to “The Glamour of a # 1 Hit Show: An Insider’s POV.”

  1. SiouxP March 30, 2012 at 8:45 PM #

    I LOVE this pic–it’s gorgeous. Ah, the vicissitudes of show business. That pic could lure lots of people to follow their dream. What’s some lukewarm lunches & boring guest actors–when you have several hit shows! Love, Sioux. PS Chuckles the Clown says hi.

  2. Jonathan Stark May 2, 2012 at 6:15 PM #

    Wow, Mr. Steinklellner, you’ve obviously worked in show business before.

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