Why I am in a Tree

2 Apr

I know full well that I look crazier than a bed bug. I am aware that I am a mother of five as well as chair person of the Add a Children’s Room on to the McDougal Public Library or Risk Our Children’s Future Forever Committee.

But there are times in one’s life when you let things happen to you because to do otherwise would be more trouble than its worth. And there are times when you do something completely nutty because it is worth exactly as much trouble as it takes.

Carpe diem as my old gym teacher, Miss Steintrude, said shortly before she was cashiered never to be seen again.

I am in this tree because my husband, Jake, thinks that a weekly poker game is more important than Christmas Eve. Until he changes this belief I will remain here. I don’t care how many people throw peanuts or make simian noises.

If Mr. Monte Carlo Coughinnowk comes to his senses he knows where he can find me.

I thank you for your kind attention– Lilli Coughinnowk


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