Br’er Kitty’s Daily Schedule (Similarities between this schedule and every other cat’s is purely coincidental.)

4 Apr


Run back and forth chasing some invisible thing.

Pounce on Orange with white stripes Friend. (Note to self: see if Orange Friend etc has a name.)

Appear at side kitchen door.

Eat. (If bottom of bowl can be seen through food — meow for more.)

Hang around back door. Make waving motion with paw if door moves.

Play hide and seek with Orange Friend in bushes near driveway. (Be careful of riding lawn mower. Doesn’t that guy know I’m the owner’s pride and joy?)

Appear at back door.

Eat. (Hey, have they stopped making wetfood?)

Wander through garage.

Walk on top of whatever car is there. (What happened to that dark car? It was lusciously warm to sleep on. Silver sucks!)

Appear at rose garden door.


Nap in Teddy’s room.

Watch Orange Friend prance around outside with bored face.

Jump at shadows on the wall.


Take along stroll through the long grass near the fence.

Appear at front door.

Place dead rodent or gopher on welcome mat.


Appear at office door: surprise!

Note: If that big, stupid black dog from next door comes over spend entire day under Mommy’s bed.


2 Responses to “Br’er Kitty’s Daily Schedule (Similarities between this schedule and every other cat’s is purely coincidental.)”

  1. Grant Harvey April 4, 2012 at 6:03 PM #

    Wow. This is basically my cat’s schedule, give or take sixteen hours of sleeping

  2. SiouxP April 5, 2012 at 8:44 PM #

    Do I detect a bit of cat-envy in this story?Very funny greeting & very true. Meow, Sioux

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