How to Write a Hit TV Show By an Anonymous Creative Executive.

11 Apr

SONNY (or whatever hot sexy name is on the cusp of popularity. — Google.)
is a smoking hot blonde (Unless a Kardashian is available) with a nicely filled out sweater
and a great sense of comedy timing. (All things being relative, of course)

SONNY ignites the room when she enters it. She is smart, sexy and has enough energy to power FACEBOOK.

SONNY’S goal in life is to help everyone she comes in contact with.

SONNY is strong and not afraid of a challenge. (Somehow, none of this turns off men but instead makes her
more attractive. Check to see if Dr.Phil has done a show on this subject.)

SONNY has a hip job in Miami, New York. (Or whatever is the coolest city at the moment according to that Business Week survey.)

Sonny has oodles of friends and is a total winner. Every man wants to cuddle her. (Or more…) Every woman (18-34) wants to be her.
(Think of a young Jennifer Garner or a way younger Jennifer Aniston.)



Noun, verb, adjective, hip reference! (COY SMILE)

SIMILAR DIALOG UNTIL END CREDITS. (Call research or as last resort get a young writer. Do they hang out near Sinclair Paints?)


2 Responses to “How to Write a Hit TV Show By an Anonymous Creative Executive.”

  1. Sioux Steinkellner April 11, 2012 at 7:31 PM #

    Very funny. Expect a call from Jennifer Aiston, though. Love, Sioux

  2. Nicky Nicklaw October 8, 2012 at 4:28 PM #

    I always love watching tv shows that are funny and tv shows that are full of action. *.”,’

    Stop by our new blog too

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