13 Apr

You are born. (Oh, the stories that will be told about you. Some true. Some horrible, hurtful lies– you know, from your perspective. If there are no stories told about you, you failed this go round. Better luck next time.)

You learn to walk. (You will fall more times than not at the beginning. None of these falls will seem like failure to you. Sometimes you will even laugh. Eventually you will succeed. Why do so many people lose this ability as they get older? Fun to be with people never lose this mojo.)

You go to school. (These are the folks who will try to kill your mojo with tests, grades, numbers and expectations compared to some grand mumbo jumbo of what’s what. Warning your parents may be in cahoots with these authorities. All this, in case your parents run into somebody –who doesn’t matter to you at all– and they can brag about how you are doing at Muckety Muck University or the Blah-Blah Medical School of Blahness.)

You fall in love. (Somebody breaks your heart. Well not break as much as bend, fold, mutilate and purees your poor heart.)

Someone falls in love with you. (You break up with them and you are amazed how cold you are about it. You shrug it off. That’s life. Somewhere else in the city a heart just like yours is weeping.)

All the rest except for things involving love or fun aren’t that important. But many people will tut tut tut and act as if they are. They’re wrong.

You die… and are reborn. Don’t forget your mojo.

One Response to “Milestones”

  1. Dawn Akemi April 14, 2012 at 9:08 AM #

    Have lived every milestone before I became half my age, and then lived them again. Circular milestones. Death and rebirth. Yes, be your mojo! 🙂

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