Why Murderers Always Seem to Be Slouching (And Not Towards Bethlehem.)

18 Apr

“Stand up straight and look me in the eye, mister. Are you listening to me, Joseph Ardmore Prater?”

“Get your hands out of your pockets, pay attention and cease slouching.”

“Don’t stare at the floor Mr. Rebellion. The floor isn’t talking to you. I am.”

“You had better open both your ears and let this all sink in. If not, some day it won’t be your mother lecturing you.”

“It will be a judge somewhere and I will be rolling in my grave in shame as they take you away to jail forever.”

“Don’t lean against the door. The door is for going in and out of. It is not a crutch.”

“Stand up like a man. You’re a healthy boy for goodness sake, not a shut-in.”

“Too healthy for your own good, sometimes. But, with your terrible posture I swear you’d think you had polio, God forbid.”

“Now, this morning I had three dimes in my purse and now there are only two. I had better see that missing dime toute sweet
or someone is going to get a lickin’, Mr Scalawag!”


One Response to “Why Murderers Always Seem to Be Slouching (And Not Towards Bethlehem.)”

  1. SiouxP April 18, 2012 at 8:14 PM #

    I have to admit. On first reading I Was a little miffed. Who is this guy playing around with MY work? I mean. “Slouching Towards Bethlehem” is TOTALLY associated with ME, MOI. But when I read your wonderful, witty blog I was flattered. I loved the part @ the missing dimes. Now I’m a FAN, a BIG FAN, I’ll be checking in 5 tmes a week.

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