What God Smiles Upon When He isn’t Off Doing Super Important Things.

20 Apr

The way babies look when their eyes get all heavy and they smack their lips just before they drift off to the Land of Nod.

When a baby struggles to walk for the first time and finally stays on her feet after almost falling down. Then suddenly catches her balance with a stunning proud look of success.

When a bunch of adults gets reasonable all at the same time and avoid a sure disaster.

Watching someone read for the first time.

When a plane lands perfectly after a whole flight of turbulence.

The feeling in a comedy writer’s room when everything is cooking, everyone loves where the story is headed and the jokes fly like popcorn.

When the sun comes bursting through big puffy rain clouds producing “Jesus rays”.

The micro-second when you know (with not a word being spoken — kinda tough for a kid with a lot of grown-ups around) that you’ve found your true blue friend.

Girl groups.

Love at first sight.


My family.


One Response to “What God Smiles Upon When He isn’t Off Doing Super Important Things.”

  1. Dawn Akemi April 21, 2012 at 11:48 AM #

    Simple pleasures. God doesn’t present himself with a sunbeam and the trumpeting of angels. He hides in the bushes, laying signposts in unlikely places. 🙂

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