National “Find Your Old Class Picture and Let Your Mind Drift Far into the Past” Day.

23 Apr

Do Nots for Students

Do not slouch. It ruins your posture and keeps you from breathing correctly resulting in stunted growth. You may think that you don’t care about your growth but you will one day. Plus it makes you look sloppy.

Do not talk back to teachers, parents or other authorities. This shows disrespect and is “step one” on the stairway to Juvenile Delinquency.

Do not chew gum or candy in school. This chewing action makes you look more like a cow than if you got down on all fours and started mooing. And it is terrible for your teeth. In a perfect world it would be illegal to buy gum until you were 21. And seriously who would then?

Do not give people “looks”. This is very disrespectful. (Do not give authorities behind their backs or after they have left the room, either. Or when you are sitting around with your chums reliving what you did or “should have done” to the teacher/parent/authority figure. Not even in front of a mirror when you are in your room all by yourself.)

Do not tease your brother or sister. This is what Satan would call a two-fer. You are doing something wrong but then you almost force your sibling to retaliate. The second wrong. This process is quite annoying for your parents who work hard to put food on the table and a self-phone in your hand.

Finally, do not move during class picture taking. Also eschew all other forms of foolishness, monkey shines and other naughty behavior. All these things might cause the picture to blur thus ruining a beautiful memory for everyone for the rest of their lives.

Do not question the Do Nots. They are self-explanatory.

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