Is Wondering Something That You Do or Something That Happens to You?

24 Apr

She wondered where time went.

She wondered why you couldn’t bring pictures back to life if you stared at them long enough and hard enough.

She wondered what exactly was going on when people stared off into space and still weren’t quite with you even after you startled them out of it.

She wondered how people you once knew very well could basically drop off the face of the earth so that you never heard “boo” about them, again. (She also wondered how the word “boo” got that meaning when the rest of the year it just applied to ghosts?)

She wondered if all the elements going back many generations had to be just right for two people to fall in love?

She wondered how so many nice people could fall for so many not nice people.

She wondered how it was possible to hear any song perfectly in your head just by thinking it. (And if so why do we need I-tunes and Spotify?)

She wondered if you are born with curiosity, good taste and charisma or if you develop it as you go along?

She wondered how some people could have all the luck and others have all the misery.

She wondered how much of love was just purely a chemical reaction.

She wondered if someone else somewhere was wondering these things, too?


2 Responses to “Is Wondering Something That You Do or Something That Happens to You?”

  1. Grant Harvey April 24, 2012 at 3:57 PM #

    love it.

  2. Sioux Steinkellner April 24, 2012 at 7:29 PM #

    REALLY Enjoyed this. Your mind is a “Wondrous Thing”, Mr. Steinkellner, sir. I did feel pressed to write a reply though. I didn’ t want to “wind up” (where did that expression come from) in some future greeting as “my sister-in-law I haven’t heard BOO from….”
    Love, Sioux. :D)

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