The Girl with Much Better Tattoos Than That Other Girl with the Tattoos.

26 Apr

Miss Ingeborg had her whole life illustrated on her person.

Her extremely precarious entry into our veil of tears during one of the worst blizzards ever to hit Beringstraitsville.

Her exotic school career– complete with Nobel Prize winning professors going mad and promising students defenestrating themselves from great heights.

The hushed up tryst between Mme. Tattoo (as some called her) and two unnamed suitors that led to a duel between Royal cousins which three major historians cite as the real cause of The Great War.

Her minor involvement (never proven) with the disappearance of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Her curious chromosomal make-up which renowned scientist insist possess the cure to color blindness.

And the likeness of the Star of India.

Aside from this she could be quite dull at parties.


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