The Kennedy Dynasty in the Bizarro Universe.

27 Apr

It is a widely accepted fact (at least for the purposes of this conjecture) that Joseph Kennedy Senior had a hotsy totsy fling with Gloria Swanson, the then fetching movie star. Consider if you will that this mostly came before he produced that massive (and ultimately massively famous) brood of his, AKA the Kennedy clan.

The other parent, of course, being the long suffering Rose, who at least gets to outlive the bastard by twenty six years.

But, now what if instead of just fooling around with Ms. Swanson his heart knows what it wants and he leaves Rose for Gloria? (Probably getting an annulment in the process. The Kennedy boys are very good at this sort of thing.)

This means no President John F. Kennedy.

No Bobby.

No Teddy and the rest of the bunch.

No total disillusionment on the part of America’s youth following the assassination of JFK.

No second assassination.

No Camelot.

No Chappaquiddick.

No thousands and thousands of books, magazines, tabloids, movies and mini-series.

No auctioning off of Jackie’s tacky artifacts.

But if that had happened what would we have done with our free time before Facebook?


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