Almost 20 Year Old Recipes of Team Steinkellner

2 May

Pancakes in the Morning
Take pancakes from the freezer. Place in microwave for approx. sixty seconds. Drip on syrup. Serve.
(Teddy variation– Take pancakes from freezer. Serve immediately.

Pizza Steinkellner
If “can’t wait hungry” take pizza from freezer. micro-wave to taste and serve. If feeling “sorta hungry and kinda creative” take Make a Pizza Kit from fridge. Follow directions but be sure to eat as much cheese as you sprinkle on pie. If sorta hungry but not feeling creative but more festive call Dominos. Wait 30 minutes. Open door. Open box. Serve.

The Steinkellner Continental Take raisin from bag. Place in toaster. Check toaster constantly. (Don’t walk the dog while toasting. The time differential is much shorter than making tea.) Remove bagel and apply apple-cherry preserves. (Teddy variation– only if you are out of raisin bagels. Take toasted bagel out of toaster and squash raisins as deep into bagel as possible. Suggest 10-12 raisins. Apply preserves. Eat.

Bon appetit!


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