The Only Show in Santa Barbara with Livestock (If You Don’t Count the County Fair)

3 May

Run, ride or crawl. Beg, borrow or steal. But don’t miss the hayseed shennanigans going on at the corner of Canon Perdido and Santa Barbara at the Hotel Traymore. It’s a farmer’s frolic that is outrageous. Farmers haven’t had this much fun since the invention of the traveling salesman joke.

Scoot on down there on a bike or tractor but be sure to get there. In my almost decade of reviewing I’ve seen everything from Barrymore’s Hamlet to Nick Haddock’s Stooges. But I’ve never had a more delightful evening. (Well, maybe that one night in Singapore but those were marmosets… Oh, wait you weren’t thinking? Shame-shame.)

Whether these Tyrolians are fussin’, feudin’, pitchin’ or woo-in’ or just yodeling loud enough to shake the rafters it’s
a regular rustic-apallooza! These bumptous bumpkins will do their best to bring rapture to the Riviera of California.
Y’all come ’round here, ja?


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