The Team Steinkellner Estate’s One Time Only Auction– Everything Must Go.

10 May

All items available except for the following:

Fourteen slightly marred (stained at the collar from mouth wiping that just won’t come out) t-shirts -size: small boy- from the LA Zoo depicting elephants at a watering hole.

A significantly chewed (but otherwise in good condition) “Wiggle Worm”.

Volume 1 of the Mother Goose videotape series. (Others in our possession but at the moment unaccounted for.)

Twenty-eight and a half large boxes of children’s drawings. (Mostly strange girls and their families and Power Rangers)
and assorted school papers, programs for children’s theatrical presentations and assorted ticket stubs.

Thirty-seven Barbies in various stages of undress. Two fully clothed. Five and a half pounds of Barbie clothing and accessories.

Eight hundred and eighty-eight elephants in all forms from stuffed animals to small rubber figures. (No Steiff.) varying in size from teeny-tiny to humongous.

Five thousand, nine hundred and twenty three children’s books covering everything from soup to nuts and then some. (Also included the complete Goosebumps series and an autographed 8X10 of R. L. Stine.)

A high chair with an extremely worn seat in which some Cheerios are so embedded that they may be part of this piece permanently.

An erasable game board that keeps score of how much homework, beds being made and K. and R. (Whatever that might be) has been accomplished that day.


One Response to “The Team Steinkellner Estate’s One Time Only Auction– Everything Must Go.”

  1. Jonathan Stark May 10, 2012 at 10:07 PM #

    I would have been all over those ‘old commodes’.

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