Still Lifes of Team Steinkellner Circa 1997

11 May

A stack of books, a Self Magazine, an empty bag of M & Ms, and a bottle with just the thinnest line of root beer at the bottom.

A Scrooge McDuck comic, artfully draped Beanie Babies and a huge sheet of drawing paper with home-made drawings of the New Adventures of Donkey Kong.

A red bowl with a tiny shred of Christmas tree shaped pasta and an empty fruit Capri Sun pouch.

A ballerina’s tutu, a pair of Rugrats pajamas, a woman’s dress with a Newport Beach label, three hats and a copy of The Baby Blue Cat and the Dirty Dog Brothers.

A pile of mail order catalogs (AKA “wish books”) with every other page bent at the corner next to several envelopes asking for money and a Post-it with thirty phone numbers hastily scrawled on it.

Four books with Dum Dum sticks used for bookmarks, this week’s New Yorker, a week’s worth of Wall Street Journals, and a page of the Santa Barbara News Press with today’s Jumble puzzle completed with a Marksalot marker.

A backpack with contents weighing forty pounds with papers sticking every which way and an empty Godiva chocolate box.

Stacks and stacks and piles and piles of postcards, some of them with scraps of Post-it notes stuck to them.

A Pick-up Sticks wannabe gathering of colored pencils, a large sheet of paper and an empty Orangina bottle lit only by the glow of the television.


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