God Works in Mysterious Ways– Just Ask Brother Zook.

16 May

And Brother Zook came unto me. His hair was blowing in the wind like a prairie fire. His eyes glowed like a cat at midnight.

He kept the fiercest eye contact with me as he leaned into my face. His eyes locked on mine. Almost as if he was holding tight to them with his big hands.

I could feel his breath upon me. It smelled like rhubarb and brimstone. I could feel my face burning like I was brushing up against the sun.

My feet wanted to run. My heart was fit to explode. I wanted to be anywhere else but there. But there was nowhere else I could be. Except dead and in my grave.

Brother Zook started to speak. Louder and louder. He was quoting the Good Book. Then he was speaking in tongues. Or that’s my guess. At first it made no sense. Then I didn’t hear the words so much as the pauses between words. And the pauses seemed to go on forever. But he talked so loud and fast there couldn’t be no pauses.

Then in an instant I was hearing in tongues. My face was being bathed in tongues. Tongues were licking my brain. Tongues were washing away my sins as easy as a milk cat.

I felt as weak as a baby. And as innocent. My soul was dripping honey. I was a snowflake in a blizzard. Alike as all other snowflakes but all my own, in addition.

Ever since then my eyes glow like a cat on Halloween.


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