The Last Defenders of Civilization And They Can Fit Easily in An Overnight Bag.

17 May

Dear Doll Collector or Someone Who Wandered Into the Convention Annex Thinking It Was the Auto Show:

Thank you for completing the Questionnaire and becoming a Real Doll Lover. Your vital statistics will help us doll enthusiasts learn more about fellow enthusiasts like yourself.

Were you aware that Dominos had a “Doll Lovers Pizza”? Well, actually it’s a “Meat Lovers Pizza”, but wouldn’t it be great if Dominos did have a “DLP”? We are currently in a phone campaign to make a big push to make this a reality.

If you would be kind enough to answer two more queries we will enter you in a raffle to win either the “Alex Trebek: Mom’s Best Friend Edition” or a doll from the “Revenge: Whoever’s Still Alive After the First Season Collection”.

One– Did you get involved in Doll Collection because raising dogs is too much of a hassle?

Two — Do you make friends more easily with dolls than people? (No brainer, right?)

Before we go we’d like to squelch the rumor that there is no Madame Alexander. Alive and kicking! And she isn’t “stuck” in menopause, either. That is just a vicious innuendo circulated by cultists who dislike our two new lines: “What If the Transformers Weren’t Ugly Machines But Attractive Men, Instead?” and the “Kardashian Kousins: Anatomically Correct and Ready to Kick Ass”. (FYI — flying off the shelves.)

Thanks for your continuing interest. Remember dolls are more than an investment, they are the last outpost of Western Civilization!

Sincerely your,
Your Friends at the Madame Alexander Circle


One Response to “The Last Defenders of Civilization And They Can Fit Easily in An Overnight Bag.”

  1. Jonathan Stark May 17, 2012 at 6:00 PM #

    The Madame Alexander Circle is full of kids these days. They poo-poo the idea of talking to your dolls, sleeping with them and putting them in the shopping cart when you go to the grocery. Oh, for the old days, when doll people were doll people.

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