America: 300 Million Individuals in Search of a Country.

18 May

Individuality is highly prized in the good ol’ USA. We took on the Japanese Business Monolith back in the 80’s and sent them into a tailspin that they still haven’t recovered from. Why? Because we had that very special American individualism and they were stuck in group-think. Thank God for Individuality!

But I don’t think being and individual is such hot stuff. It’ just a con job pulled on everybody else by executives. The execs get to be individuals which somehow means they skim the cream off the top while the rest of us settle for what’s left.

Come on, individuals are a pain in the ass! You have to fix vegetarian meals for them at weddings as everybody else tries to cut their rubbery chickens. Billions of dollars spent putting bells and whistles into new products that most people could care less about. And we have to have scads of niche programming so we can channel surf all night just to conclude “there’s nothing good on”.

All this so young guys can drive nice sets of wheels, smoke cigars and bet on the Yankees.

This rant offers no solutions. It may not even make any sense. It is just the residue of years of individuality.

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