How Come White Folks Are in Charge, again?

24 May

White folks dance like they’ve got a stick up their butt but they want to make sure that they don’t do anything that might make it fall out.

White folks buy retail unless they “know somebody”. Then they really get ripped off.

White folks sometimes own trailer parks but they sure ain’t bragging about it.

White folks are responsible for creating, maintaining and proliferating some of the most boring organizations on earth. If a non-white folk should happen to join one of these groups they eventually quit or become just as boring as everyone else.

White folks have the richest, least fun religions. (This would lead one to believe that God is a non-white folk since everything else She creates is pretty fun. Even spiders. Point of fact since neither Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses or Confucius were white, strictly speaking, no white folk has ever created a major religion. Mormonism — AKA Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Scientology? Okay, you got me there.)

So, all in all, white folks sure got a lotta gall acting so “high and mighty”. (A popular expression of white folks.)


One Response to “How Come White Folks Are in Charge, again?”

  1. Grant Harvey May 24, 2012 at 6:30 PM #

    White people sure got their attitudes all caddywompus.

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