What’s On the I-Pod in my Mind.

30 May

Cheri singing her campfire medley to close her act at that gay cabaret in the Valley.

Four year old Billy Steinkellner doing Jingle Bells at the top of his lungs at five in the morning in some neighbor’s front yard.

Li’l Emma singing in the backseat with head phones on and her eyes closed.

Teddy and his sisters doing the opening song from Beauty and the Beast complete with all incidental dialog.

Me singing The 16th of September (the ordinary day) Song from the late lamented “The Case Against Christmas”.

Cheri singing the cast album from On the Road with Guy DiSimone.

The three creators from Cheers singing Happy Trails to You on our last night working on the show.

Me improvising a song as the Big Bad Wolf the first time Cheri sees me on stage at the Groundlings.

Emma doing just her part of that “ding, ding, ding, dong, dong” Christmas Carol.

All the Montecito Union School’s Holiday Sing’s Hannukah songs. (What can I say? I love Hannukah songs.)

Kit singing every morning in her crib with baby monitor quality.

Teddy doing Brush Up Your Shakespeare.

Cheri doing one of a possible 10,000 Young American songs complete with intricate choreography at the drop of a hat.

Emma and Nanda doing their fabulous show biz medley at the Senior’s home that they are “famous for”.

Teddy (and Emma) playing the shofar in Temple.

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