The Best Show on CBS is About to Premiere (Seventeen Years Ago): Meets the TV Critics

31 May

“I think that a lot of people think… or maybe feel might be a better … it’s hard to put into words… and this isn’t just me talking… not the entire cast and I’m not the spokesman or rather spokesperson but it’s just that it seems to me, personally that… What was the question, again?”

“Sure, on the surface it looks like a show about successful good-looking people in really attractive surroundings but underneath we have the same problems as kinda not great looking people who live in a dump. That might not be apparent in the pilot but I think it becomes more obvious as the series goes on.”

“I’m the comedy relief so they always stick me in the back when we do the magazine cover shots.”

“Well, I’m not sure what my grandfather would think of it. He wrote mostly short stories and novels. But they did make a lot of those into movies which could be thought of as the tv shows of their time. His characters like the ones in The Sun, Also Rises were pretty attractive in words. I’m pretty sure he liked sexy as much as the next guy. No crime in that. Even the Bible is pretty hot when you get to David and Bathsheba.”

“I am totally jazzed. I just bought a new house so this puppy better fly.”


2 Responses to “The Best Show on CBS is About to Premiere (Seventeen Years Ago): Meets the TV Critics”

  1. Liza Cranis May 31, 2012 at 10:33 PM #

    I remember that show!!

  2. Jonathan Stark June 1, 2012 at 9:24 AM #

    Whatever happened to the creator of that show? What was his name? Oh, yeah, Darren Star. Bet he’s waiting tables, now.

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