Team Steinkellner (And Dozens of Acquaintances) Visit Monticello

5 Jun

Further Adventures on a really long field trip

Lunch at the Miche. (Pronounced Mickey) Fried chicken, stewed tomatoes (yum) and cold green beans (they did warn us), cornbread biscuits and peach cobbler. (Double yum.) This after a three hour bus trip was greatly appreciated. Though we did have to line up and wait for bus #1 to get served first. Sheesh, they take bus #2 so literally.

By all rights this trip should be called Bus Ride with occasional hints of monuments and tours as time permits.

During one of the room spiels at Monticello I watch as Sage and Jenna look at themselves in a mirror for an incredibly long time. (This is my favorite moment of the day. I think Andy Warhol would have agreed.)

Hear the three things on Jefferson’s tombstone – none of them being that he was President– again.

Hear about Jefferson and Adams dying on the same 4th of July for the fifth time.

Words of the day “the Necessary” and “the privy”. They mean the same thing.

Mr. Johnson and Nick throw the football around in the parking lot. Rivers, Maiya and Sophia chase after throws they miss. (Can’t figure out if this is Gurl power or same old, same old.)

Other bus drivers sit in lawn chairs near the parking lot waiting for their groups to show up. It doesn’t look comfy. It just looks weird.

Can’t get bathroom door (across from my seat on the back of the bus) to shut during the three hour trip. (Sigh.)

My favorite thing is the machinations of the Rube Goldberg coke machine. (I think Jefferson would have appreciated it, too.)


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