Fun with Emma

8 Jun

This was life with Emma when she was eleven.

Miniature golf is a first date for many people. It’s cheap. You can talk. It’s not too demanding. But it is never more fun than it is with Emma. She’s competitive but kind. She laughs easily and often. She puts a lot into it and gets a lot out of it. I would rather play with her than a whole foursome of Tigers. (She did get annoyed that I lost our free complimentary round of golf ticket. But she’s too young to know the real fact of life– no one goes miniature golfing twice in one day.)

Watching her all rolled up like a burrito watching just about anything on tv. (Could someone explain “Fairly Odd Parents” to me?)

Dropping her off at school for Chorus an hour before everyone else goes to school. Always a brilliant exit. And often the thought bubble over my head –“Who will she be today”?

Looking at her making herself off-balance by choice. Kooky as hell but what does it mean, psychologically. Must be something great because she is the healthiest person I ever met.

Listening to her belt out a song as easy as pie and as joyful as a Disney heroine.

Being hugged by her after not seeing her for awhile. (Don’t take my word for it just ask anyone who has had the experience.)

Today she’s off to Disneyland with the Class of 2012. Which is kind of redundant since everywhere she goes is Disneyland.


2 Responses to “Fun with Emma”

  1. Grant Harvey June 8, 2012 at 11:09 AM #


  2. Martha June 8, 2012 at 9:56 PM #

    Emma is beautiful inside and outside and through your eyes and now through mine. Is she your daughter?

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